Friday, June 15, 2007

isPDFFile() Currently ALWAYS returns NO

   I have been testing the isPDFFile() method, currently(beta) this always returns false.
This is a bug and has already been fixed... should be available in the final build.
If you are unaware of isPDFFile(), Here is a brief description:

Verifies whether a PDF file is valid.

Returns True, if the value returns a valid PDF file. False, otherwise.



Path - Pathname to a PDF file. The pathname can be absolute or relative to the CFM page and must be enclosed in quotation marks.


<!--- The following code shows the action page for a form where a user chooses a PDF document to print. --->

<cfif IsPDFFile("#form.printMe#")>

<cfprint type="PDF" source="#myPDF#">


<p>This is not a valid PDF file or the PDF document you have chosen is not available.</p>





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